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Mobile and immersive learning for entire workforces.

  • Encourages learning through doing without real-world risk

  • Solves the 'knowledge transfer' problem by providing 'virtual' on-the-job training immersed in a realistic environment

  • Builds confidence through repetitive learning and instant feedback

  • Increases learning retention by up to 80% more than face to face delivery.

  • Accelerates behavioural change by taking entire workforces along on the journey

  • A mobile learning solution which supports remote and flexible workers

  • A low cost option that scales to reach global teams in multiple geographies


  • After downloading the training app to your phone and inserting it into the mobile VR headset provided you will be transported into a virtual world of learning that is so real, your brain will retain information as if you were experiencing new skills in the real world. 
  • You will interact using eye gaze and by tapping the action button on your headset to register your decisions throughout the experience. 
  • Instant feedback in the form of emoji's will guide you and a virtual coach will support your learning journey and de-brief you after each exercise. 


Enter the 'classroom of the future' where your virtual teacher presents key principles of your chosen topic in 'snack' or summary format.

Remain 100% engaged on content within your headset, with the ability to explore 360 degrees around you and absorb learnings in a visual, auditory or kinesthetic manner, as your personal learning preferences dictate.

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Role-play has long been recognised as a valuable part of the learning process. It allows employees to try different approaches, rehearse new strategies and put theory into practice.

In Diversifly's digitised scenarios you the user become the main character in an interactive role-play, actively developing yourself in real time but without the logistics, costs or inconsistencies of live acting. 

This experience allows the user to fail forward before applying new skills and behaviours in the real work world. 

Virtual role-play has the ability to encourage repetitive firing of neural pathways to develop the desired skills and behaviours that lead to deeper and more authentic human interaction, and better performance for teams at work. 

Simply download our app and insert your phone into a VR headset for training anywhere. 

Simply download our app and insert your phone into a VR headset for training anywhere. 

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