Founder Ends. New Chapter Begins.

I can hardly believe that these four short and oh so long months are coming to an end with the Founder Institute’s intensive entrepreneurial program.

The growth curve for me personally, and for Diversifly VR has been phenomenal, and fast and furious. Just quietly I am looking forward to some time to sleep and chill with the family, but I am so grateful to Founder and the wonderful directors and mentors I have met along the way.

We have set and surpassed many milestones, including:

·      Getting development-ready to build our first version of the world’s first corporate learning app for unconscious bias in virtual reality.

·      Completing all the planning (both operational and financial) necessary to build a sustainable business.

·      Networking and leveraging mentors and sponsors to help me find the best way forward every step of the way.

·      Facing my fear and doing it anyway when it came to regular pitches and presentations on my product, and

·      Incorporating, re-branding, getting my hustle on, and bringing together some very talented people to help me take this beast to market and make a difference!

As always thank you to all of you who have played a part, small or large, in this Founder experience and rest assured we are full steam ahead for the build and testing and will stay in touch. A special thank you to my amazing husband, Trevor, for his love, support, patience and head-for-numbers during the intense days and long nights of late.

Warm Regards, Lucie

Lucie Hammond