Team Diversifly Expands

Anna Pullman strengthens our team

Anna Pullman joins Diversifly as our new Head of Content and Marketing. She brings a strong learning focus and comes from a background in leadership facilitation and professional development, and has a particular penchant for technology as it applies to the future of education. 

Having previously advised for the Australia-Pacific Technical College, and consulted on Workforce Optimisation through Sentis, she is well placed to collaborate with our tech team to create modules for our virtual reality training library, starting with workplace diversity.

In other news

Diversifly presented again to the Perth Angels investment community - this time to 130 members at BDO offices in Subiaco. We also enjoyed some social media attention after being featured by Spacecubed. Here is the article again incase you missed it.

Pete Cooper and The Start Society continue to mentor and advise us, whilst also working to connect up and enrich the Australian innovation and start-up scene more generally.

We have an exciting few weeks ahead that we are looking forward to reporting back on. 

Please share this email with any HR, L&D or Innovation Directors in corporates with more than 2000 staff, and point any grads after VR dev work in our direction - we're on the hunt for talented techs!

Kindest, Lucie
Diversifly CEO

Lucie Hammond