Human performance specialist joins Diversifly

We welcome Ryan Ng to the Diversifly team – an exciting addition for many reasons, not least because he has big plans to forge ahead using behavioural science to help organisations benchmark and leverage their people and culture, and more accurately understand their investment in human capital through immersive training.

One of the advantages of training workforces in the virtual environment is that data can be more easily extracted and analysed to make sense of the notoriously slippery soft skills space, as well as provide unprecedented opportunities to revisit learnings and practice in a safe environment. Soft skills are becoming more highly sought after for effective leadership in uncertain times, and have been flagged as ‘uniquely human’ in a future of work that is predicted to belong to automation and robots.

Ryan is a provisionally registered psychologist and Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) with a background in technology, education, and expertise in the science of behaviour. Having published research in the fields of personality, negotiation, and perception, he brings a unique evidence-based and people-oriented approach to solving workplace issues.

He is passionate about optimising performance, productivity and effectiveness for individuals and organisations, so both receive their respective returns on their investments in each other. 

Ryan will have significant input to the training content Diversifly builds, including mapping behavioural competencies into our experiential learning framework and using principles of educational psychology to maximize knowledge transfer to the user during their virtual reality experience.



Lucie Hammond