Unconscious Bias In VR - Production Underway

Last weekend this wonderful cast and crew pictured spent a looong Sunday in our secret CBD offices shooting many many takes of our very first Bias in the Boardroom role play in virtual reality.

The camera that you see in the photo (thank you to Alina Racu Photography) belongs to Virtual Guest, captures 360 degrees with a mere 8 lenses, and allows us to script the user as part of the scene from a first person narrative perspective. 

We are so excited for this first plate of the feast - due out within weeks - and to be found on the app stores as the Unconscious Bias Lite app. It will be downloadable to smart phones and take approximately 10 minutes to experience on the VR headset. 

Our Directors did a magic job of translating the traditional film process into a 360 affair and it was a thrill for our actors to be the first in their field delivering performances to an 8 lens beast!

We are now seeking funding for the next development phase, which will enable us to complement this virtual role-play with a virtual classroom and data analytics for learning outcomes. 

Lucie Hammond