Female-led local startup launches leading edge diversity tool

This educational technology startup is set to revolutionise Australian workplaces and level the playing field for global business.

Diversifly is set to launch their state of the art virtual reality educational training tool with an ambitious aim - to shake up Australian workplaces not meeting their gender targets and remove barriers for women at work. It’s taken Founder Lucie Hammond and her team just 18-months to complete their first product, testing its viability and establishing its demand - the launch couldn’t have come at a better time.

“At a time when the world is at ends with itself, when Trump is dominating headlines for his lack of awareness, when uncertainty is high; we could all do with up-skilling in human interaction, including across key contributors to high-performance such as bias awareness, emotional intelligence, empathy and conflict resolution, now more than ever as we prepare for the Future of Work,” said Diversifly Founder and CEO, Lucie Hammond.

A tried, tested and rigorously critiqued virtual reality training tool, educating employees, managers and stakeholders to identify their unconscious bias towards the topic of gender in and outside of the workplace, Diversifly makes change widely accessible and cost effective using just a smartphone, a VR headset (Diversifly provide them), and a 10-minute window to participate in the training course.

The problem

Glenn Beauchamp, Executive Recruiter and Founder of the Beacham Group said, “Diversity is the buzzword in the boardroom right now, and the war on talent throws yet another challenge into the mix, meaning organisations are having to approach recruitment more inclusively to attract the talent they need to succeed. This immersive learning experience is just what the corporate sector needs to revive and thrive.”

The Grattan Institute has estimated that if women’s participation in the workforce increased by just 6%, the national GDP would be $25billion higher. McKinsey & Co. in their 2016 ‘Women in the Workplace’ report recognised that “gender-diversity programs are falling short and that companies need to think differently to ignite change.” McKinsey even went so far as to coin this the 12 trillion dollar issue, suggesting that by advancing women's equality the value of global GDP by 2025 would be significantly enhanced.

“We witness unconscious bias everyday as companies face constant and increasing challenges to business.  A product like Diversifly’s could revolutionise the learning process and understanding of others for higher engagement and productivity,” say Organisational Change Specialists, Danielle Dinse and Kim Kristoffersen of STARTConsulting.

Evidence repeatedly shows competencies acquired in training (that is skills learnt and practices adopted) are more likely to transfer to the workplace environment when learned and practiced in the real work environment. But training of this caliber and standard is hard to carry out when you have a diverse workforce of hundreds, if not thousands of employees right?

The solution

Wrong! Diversifly solves this problem by using 360 video role-play to immerse employees in realistic work scenarios, creating virtual hands-on learning experiences. This cost effective, no-real world risk, remote and flexible virtual training accelerates change, and brings businesses and their staff into the 21st century.

Diversifly’s mission is simple, ‘to educate and develop Superhumans for the future of work.’ Australia has the opportunity to lead the way in this field globally with its accessible market size and structure, and this local startup with a global outlook is on a mission to support equality, deliver results, and make workplaces happier, more productive places to be.

Diversifly’s Unconscious Bias Lite App in virtual reality will launch and become available to download on mobile app (IOS and Android) on Monday 19th of June, 2017.

About the Tech, it sounds complicated no?

No. Tried, tested and critiqued to improve over the last 18-months, Diversifly’s product has found product market fit, and the key is in its demand and its ease of usability.

“Mentored closely by entrepreneurs attached to an accelerator program for tech startups heralding from Silicon Valley, The Founder Institute, and by The Start Society (which is an industry body supporting entrepreneurs to innovate and grow globally) we were pushed to validate early and often to measure demand for this product by engaging hands on with countless organisations already prioritising diversity but lacking adequate tools to progress their gender agenda,” said Lucie.

Spacecubed, the social enterprise network and coworking space where Diversifly are based, make it their business to support startups, entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. “We are proud to support and encourage innovation and diversity in entrepreneurship. I've been following the journey of our Spacecubed members, Diversifly and am excited to witness the release of their first training app in virtual reality," said Brodie McCulloch, Founder and MD of Spacecubed and well-known startup advocate in Australia.

Lucie Hammond