Literally hustled myself hoarse this month!

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A Quick Update for September:

  • Am honoured to have joined the Women in Technology (WiTWA) board recently and thrilled to be in a position to help influence STEM for girls and at schools in their signature program, TechTrails. To be a part of an extremely talented, supportive and passionate community of women in tech who are interested in making a difference is absolutely going to fill my bucket! 
  • This week has been a big one and no doubt responsible for my forced silence and hibernation today (yes i hustled myself hoarse!). Yesterday I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and into abc's radio studio to chat with Belinda Varischetti from Drive Time on the Future of Work. (You can hear an excerpt here: 
  • WiTWA's TechXchange networking event this month featured Diversifly and was focussed on what we're developing in the VR for education and social impact space, and whats possible from here. It became evident that more and more people in different aspects of business are curious about or currently exploring "virtual reality to bring the human back" in some way, shape or form, and it was exciting to generate lengthy Q&As and feel the energy for the journey ahead. 
  • Next week I represent WA in Sydney where i'll pitch my business to His Royal Highness the Duke of York, Prince Andrew as part of the Pitch@Palace entrepreneurs initiative. Wish me luck :)

Thanks as always for your support. Love to the LGBTI community dealing with the fall-out of this ridiculous vote allowing complete strangers to govern their love lives.

Have a fabulous start to spring!

Kindest, Lucie


Lucie Hammond