Immersive learning has been proven to positively impact on-the-job performance.

  • Increased knowledge retention
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Memorable learning experiences

  • Strengthening neural pathways to behavioural change 


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  • Target cultural change with a whole-of-organisation approach
  • Eliminate the need to fly costly consultants across geographies
  • Ensure nothing is lost in translation or delivery when VR learning keeps content consistent



  • Learning in virtual reality has been proven to increase employee engagement, knowledge retention, and build the emotional connection between user and subject that is needed to influence attitudinal and behavioural change.
  • Learn through first person narrative and the power of story to make a lasting impression
  • Practice a new skill or behaviour as a virtual character in a realistic environment as many times as you need to build the confidence for the real world. 
  • The latest in neuroscience tells us the more senses we employ, the deeper the learning becomes. VR challenges participants on a visual, auditory and kinesthetic level all at the same time. 


  • Make learning fun again with interactive and highly engaging experiences which demand 100% user attention. 
  • Employees can learn anywhere at anytime, with only their smartphone and a mobile VR headset.
  • VR snack training allows employees to focus on their 9 to 5 billable tasks, and fit in training when it suits them - across several convenient 10 minutes bites at a time. 


You really have to experience it for yourself to feel it’s potential for learning and engagement. This is the future of learning!
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