We create unique content and facilitate training for high performance cultures, focussing on the skills that will differentiate humans from bots in an age of automation.

Our workshops are complemented by immersive learning experiences to enhance engagement and learning retention. 


Lucie Hammond

BA Journalism and Film and TV, PGradDipBus (PR), GDip Counselling & Psychotherapy, NLP Practitioner.

Lucie is an energetic and approachable facilitator who is driven by the potential for positive change and people development. Helping to empower individuals with leadership skills of the future, and boost organisational people power is where she excels.

Anna Pullman

BSc Hlth Sc, Dip Leadership and Management, Dip Vocational Education and Training, AdvDip Work Health and Safety, DISC Advanced Practitioner.

Anna Pullman is an international Facilitator and Coach specialising in people optimisation and alignment. She has more than seven years of Organisational Development and Learning and Development experience, with a particular passion for engagement and challenges associated with the future of work. 


"Thank you for an amazing course! I’ve used skills gained from your ‘communicating with confidence’ and ‘vision setting’ workshops to propel me forward at work – I’m acting at a higher level and have been invited to extend my contract as a result!"

The Housing Authority.

"Her passion, knowledge and understanding of the specific needs of high performing females wanting to advance their careers was outstanding and the benefits were clearly evident in the feedback from the participants".


"My Manager in the past has said to me that I would be great backfilling the Manager role in our team. I previously was feeling like I wouldn't be able to confidently present myself as a Manager and therefore wasn't sure if I would do well in this role or not. Since the course, I've been able to develop a lot more confidence in myself and made sure that I took the opportunity without fear! I trust myself and my abilities a lot more now". 

The Housing Authority.

"The skills I was taught in the workshop series have assisted me to take on more opportunities that i would have previously lacked confidence in pursuing. I have more confidence to ask questions, and put forward my opinions without apologising". 

The Housing Authority.

"Being positive in my outlook and approaching my work load in a completely different way....I am more willing to take opportunities that are presented to me and to actively seek out such opportunities to gain experience". 

The Housing Authority.